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Supplier Code of Conduct

Skala AS and its affiliates are committed to conducting business in a humanitarianly, socially, and environmentally responsible manner. 

Skala AS supports the core ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions, the ‘Transparency Act’, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. Skala AS created the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) to demonstrate and clarify what Skala requests from its suppliers in terms of business ethics, human rights, labour practices, worker’s health and safety, matters concerning the environment, business ethics (including anti-corruption), as well as the laws and regulations applicable in the country the supplier is located.

None of the orders from Skala AS shall be used as a ground for coming in conflict or breaking any requirements outlined by this SCoC. In case of any infringement, the supplier shall inform Skala without any undue delay to develop a plan of action together with Skala AS.


This SCoC is an enforced part of any agreement between Skala AS and/ or any affiliates of Skala AS and any of its suppliers.

The provisions of the SCoC extend to all the Supplier’s employees, as well as their sub-suppliers (and their employees) in the supplier’s supply chain, including those engaged informally, on short-term contracts, or on a part-time basis. It is the responsibility of Skala AS’s suppliers to ensure that their suppliers and other third parties acting on their behalf do not violate the standards of this Code, which includes without limitation responsibility for communicating its content and ensuring that all measures are implemented accordingly.


When providing any services and/or delivering any goods to Skala AS or its affiliates, this supplier accepts the contents of the SCoC and commits to communicate the requirements herein (not necessarily this document itself) to its own suppliers as well as to strive towards their compliance.

In case of any non-conformance, Skala AS’s suppliers shall inform Skala AS without any undue delay. Skala AS and the supplier will jointly prepare a plan for remedy. Corrective action must be taken within a reasonable period of time, agreed upon by both parties.

Skala AS reserves the right to verify suppliers’ compliance with this SCoC as well as the right to terminate any agreements should a Supplier repeatedly disregard this SCoC or decide that compliance with this SCoC is not possible. At Skala AS’s request, the supplier must be able to document compliance through self-declaration, follow-up meetings and/or inspection at supplier’s production sites.

Business Conduct Principles

1) Business Ethics

Skala AS and its employees will not under any circumstances accept illegal or undue advantages to obtain business or private benefits. Skala AS does not agree with or tolerate any form of corruption, including bribery, extortion, kickbacks or improper private or professional benefits to customers, suppliers, agents or any third party. Skala AS expects the supplier to adhere to similar practice and principles for its business as well as the business of suppliers in its supply chain. The supplier shall thereby be compliant with applicable anti-corruption laws in relation to its business activities. Suppliers must ensure that all relevant employees and third parties have knowledge of and comply with applicable anti-corruption laws.

2) Gifts and entertainment

The supplier shall refrain from offering gifts or entertainment of any value as well as funding, donations or hospitality to any employees of, or other counterparts in, Skala AS to influence any business decisions. The supplier shall ensure that any gifts and entertainment proffered to Skala AS’s employees are transparent and have a justifiable business rationale.

3) Labour and human rights

The supplier shall respect basic human rights in its business and its supply chain.

Discrimination and diversity

The supplier shall not discriminate against or between employees on any grounds and any employment-related decisions, including in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on ethnic background, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation. All processes shall be based solely on relevant and objective criteria. Skala AS works continuously to improve the gender balance. The supplier, independent on what part of the world the supplier is located in or what religion the supplier belongs to, shall respect Skala AS’s choice of employees, customers and affiliates and the diversity among them in terms of gender, nationality, religion, etc.

Forced labour

The supplier shall under no circumstance make use or participate in, or benefit from any form of forced or compulsory labour. Workers shall be able to leave work when their shift ends, move feely as well as terminate their contract with a reasonable notice period. The supplier shall prevent their security guards from infringing on the liberty and security of others.

Child labour

The supplier shall under no circumstance engage in or benefit from the use of child labour. The supplier shall adhere to minimum employment age defined by national laws or regulations.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Employees shall have the rights to join and form association and trade unions and to bargain collectively. The supplier shall not attempt to influence any employees’ choice of trade union membership and /or shall not dismiss employees solely because of their affiliation to a trade union.


The supplier shall protect its employees (or any employee of its own suppliers) from any acts of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, abuse, or threats in the workplace.

Working Hours

The supplier shall adhere to national/regional laws and/or industry standards relating to working hours, overtime hours, breaks, rest periods between shifts, holidays and maternity and paternity leave. Workers should be allowed at least one day off for every seven-day period. Overtime shall be voluntary, not exceed 12 hours a week (or the maximum allowed under applicable laws and regulations), be remunerated at a higher rate than the hourly rate and shall be paid in legal tender on a regular basis.

Wages and Benefits

The supplier shall adhere to national/regional laws and/or industry standards relating to wages and benefits. Deduction of wages shall not be a tool used as disciplinary measure unless provided for by national law.

Paid leave

The supplier shall provide all employees the possibility to take sick leave, annual holiday and parental leave in accordance with local/ national legislations.

Employee contracts

The supplier shall provide a written labour contract to all employees in a language the individual employee can understand.

Health and safety

The Supplier shall work proactively to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment and the protective equipment and training necessary to perform their tasks safely. As a minimum, the supplier shall provide access to clean toilet facilities, potable water as well as fire exits, essential safety equipment, emergency kits and access to emergency assistance. Suppliers shall actively identify and eliminate or control hazards that present a risk to employees and other persons present on its sites and to the environment.

Systems, documentation, and accidents

The Supplier shall, in accordance with applicable legislation, develop and maintain effective systems to keep records on relevant health and safety matters as well as any accidents, injuries and known exposure to health and safety risks at work. This also applies to important parties in the supplier’s supply chain such as production facilities. Skala AS reserves the right to request an insight of these records at any given time.

4) Environment

The supplier shall continuously maintain awareness of the possible impact its operations, business activities, products or services have on the environment and human health. The supplier shall take measures to minimize the impact throughout its value chain. Suppliers shall proactively ensure compliance with environmental regulations through ongoing training of all relevant employees and effective operational control and monitoring across their business activities

Management of environmental issues

The supplier shall take act proactively to minimizing pollution, protect biodiversity, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in production and transport as well as promote an efficient and sustainable use of resources, including energy, water, pollution, hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. Suppliers shall ensure compliance with environmental regulations through ongoing training of all relevant employees, effective operational control, and monitoring across their business activities as well as through the establishment of written procedures describing the procurement, storage, handling, and use of chemical and hazardous materials. The supplier shall strive towards continuous improvements in its overall environmental performance and shall be committed to working with its own suppliers to enhance environmental performance throughout its supply chain.

5) Management Systems

The supplier shall have an effective management system that supports the implementation of and adherence to the SCoC as well as other applicable local and/or national laws and regulations.
Skala AS’s minimum expectations for this management system are as following:

  • The supplier shall maintain continuous records in order to verify compliance with the framework outlined in this SCoC and other applicable local and/ or national regulations.
  • The supplier shall have a systematic approach in implementing the requirements of this SCoC in its business as well as evaluating, managing and mitigating risks related to the topics mentioned.
  • The supplier shall strive towards compliance of its own suppliers to the requirements and standards outlined by this SCoC.

Supplier’s Acknowledgement

We, the undersigned, hereby confirm that we acknowledge Skala AS’s Supplier Code of Conduct. We will strive to fulfil the requirements outlined by this document. We agree that Skala AS may audit our practices and operations at any given time in order to assess compliance with this SCoC. We will report any case of non-conformance of this SCoC and will take necessary action to comply with the requirements and provisions herein. We are aware of and agree with that if a deviation cannot be improved or remedied, the business relation may be renegotiated or terminated by Skala AS.

Name of Company:

Authorized signature:

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Date & Place:

This document must be signed by an authorized representative of the supplier.

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